How to Get That Much-Needed Rest with Small Children in the House

Today’s topic can be a bit touchy. Because whenever you tell an overtired mom that she should “really get her rest.” She might be tempted to scratch your eyes out.

Figurately speaking, of course.

I know because that was my basic response whenever my husband suggested that I “get more sleep.”

Ha! I wish.

Even though deep down I knew he was right.

But how? Where?

Sleep and small children simply don’t go together, and he seemed to be oblivious to that reality.

But since this is a series on “How to Have a Happy Home with Small Children,” I’m going to take a big risk and bring the topic up.

Let’s begin with the why.

Why Is Rest So Important to Moms with Young Children?

For one, a well-rested mama is a nicer, kinder sort of mom. As in, you’re far less likely to snap at your kids if you’ve had your rest.

1. Sleep is crucial to making good decisions.

There are tons of articles out there about how leaders and CEO types need their sleep to do their jobs well. (For example, "Sleep is More Important Than Food" – Harvard Business Review) And if they need it? So do you. A mom makes 103 important decisions every day. (Okay, so I made up that statistic – probably underestimated it too).

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