How to Give Our Children Hope

In a recent interview, Sally Lloyd Jones, author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, offered such simple but profound advice on giving hope to children. Here is a just a portion of what she said:

Children look to us for everything. But in all that we've given children, have we forgotten to give them hope? Have we left them in despair -- looking at what they should do but don't? Looking at who they should be but aren’t? How do we give hope to children? When we take the focus off them and put it back on God where it belongs. They don't need to be told to try harder, believe more, do it better. That just leaves them in despair. We need a Rescuer.

I know that many parents struggle with how to talk to their kids about their need for a Rescuer. On so many occasions, I've had conversations with parents who ask, "How can I talk to my children about their weaknesses and sin? It doesn't feel right. I want my children to feel good about themselves."

Let us not forget that kids have an innate understanding, a God-given conscience, when they've done something wrong. And speaking to our kids about their weaknesses and sin is actually an opportunity to give them hope. Yes, hope! Because our sin points us to our only hope — the Rescuer we've been given in Jesus Christ. (Rom. 6:17–18)

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