How to Make Marriage Across Cultures Work

marriageculturemainWhen I boarded the international flight as a naïve, newly graduated cross-cultural missions major, little did I know just how steeped in cross-cultural communication my life was to become. At the time, I was eager to spend six months serving the Lord on a college campus in Cape Town, South Africa -- more than 8,000 miles away from my hometown in the Midwest.

Barely twenty-one years old, I could hardly wait to meet new people, see the sights, be exposed to new ways of doing things, and put into practice what I had learned at Bible college.

Our "Unplanned" Love Story

When I first felt myself falling for the South African man who is now my husband, I thought to myself, "No! Stop that! This is not why you came here. Get those thoughts out of your head!"

But apparently the Lord had other plans -- we are now in our ninth year of matrimony.

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