How to NOT Waste the Next 10 Years

Nobody wants to waste ten minutes, much less ten years, right?! But, it's so easy to do if we aren't careful. At least that's what I am finally figuring out. It's like I blinked and I was 40, then I blinked again and I was 50! Only a few more flutters of the eyelashes and I will be a whopping 60 years old! (gasp!)

So, as I am seeking God to help me understand what my next ten years will look like, I have determined what I do not want them to consist of.

Below are five things I will avoid over the next ten years! These are choices or habits I want to avoid because they will certainly lead me to waste the next ten years! Your life, my life, all of our lives are way too important and valuable to waste them. But, if for some odd reason, you feel the need to waste your next decade, here are five ways to do it! (Big goofy grin) How to waste the next ten years:

1. Look back – live in the past.

If you want to endure a long decade of regret, just focus on how things used to be. Look back to how much better you felt, how much thinner you were and how much better it was when the kids were home or you had that job or you lived in that house. You get the idea. If you focus on only what was, you will not live in what is.

There is no better way to waste a good day than to pine away for the days long gone. If you only focus on the past, always looking back, you will miss the growth and blessing and beauty of today. You do this for ten years and by the time the decade comes to a close, you will have glorified the past, missed the present, and have no excitement for the future.

2. Look down – be negative.

If you choose to focus on what is wrong, all you will experience is what could be better or should be different. A negative spirit makes every day worse than it has to be and every burden heavier than it really is.

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