How to Practice Biblical Hospitality

Whether enjoying personal devotions, a Bible study, or a worship service, what mental images emerge when you're presented with passages that encourage hospitality? For many, the images mirror glossy magazine photos—an immaculate home, a gourmet menu, an exquisite table setting. And while some of these images could be applied to biblical hospitality in certain situations, what they actually portray is entertaining.

When hospitality is described in the Scriptures, there are zero instructions regarding home décor, menu, or table setting.

Let's take a journey through Scripture as we paint a word portrait of biblical hospitality.

Word Portrait

  • According to John 14:15, 21–24, the primary evidence that one is a Christian and loves her heavenly Father is her choice to obey his commands. Though we live in a world that promotes "having things your own way," I learned that to please the Lord I need to respond to all of his instructions with an obedient spirit, not just pick those that appeal to me—and this includes our response to what his Word teaches about hospitality.

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