How To Teach Your Child to be a Good Friend

How do you find good friends for your kids? You might begin by asking yourself what other parents think about your kids. Would your kids make quality friends for their kids?

You know what they will say when you're listening. "We just love your kids! They're just great!" Everyone has positive things to say when the camera is rolling, but what do they really think? Do other parents think you are raising children who would make great friends for their kids? Are you known as a parent raising kids with good character?

A good friend is a friend of good character.

Which raises a much more important question: What does God think of the character of your children?

The character your young children have is the character you are training them to have.

Every parent wants their kids to have "good friends." But, what are the character qualities of a truly good friend?

The Character Qualities of a Good Friend

1. A good friend is not selfish. A good friend wants to share his things (and his life) with others. Children need to be taught that people are more important than possessions. 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 says, "Charity (love) suffers long ... is kind ... charity doesn't envy ... isn't puffed up ... love doesn't seek its own.

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