How to Trade Anxiety and Fear for Hope and Peace

Voices we listen to ... they're powerful, aren't they? And, not just the voices inside the heads of young, immature kids. We expect them to be powerfully affected by their thoughts and self-talk. What about us? What about the adults in the room ... about you and me?

You'll never measure up... This will never amount to anything... You're too... You're not enough... You'll never be free from... You'll never have... You.ll always fall into...



Life affecting.


We can spend a lot of time caught up in negative, destructive, energy-sapping, joy-stealing thoughts. Have you been there? I certainly have. And for most, it's not a place we used to go but a battle we have to wage.

Of the many voices bombarding us throughout the day, which ones have power in our lives? The voices we listen to. It's that simple. The thoughts we dwell on are the thoughts that animate our day – encouraging and strengthening or distressing and destroying, until our soul feels like some deserted, bombed-out building in a war zone we saw in our news feed.

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