How to Win Your Wife’s Heart

Once upon a time, you were your wife's knight in shining armor. One look at her and you knew that your relationship was meant to be (and that she felt the same.) Fast-forward a few years ... is it the same now that life has set-in? Work, kids and stressors of daily life are enough to take a toll on even the strongest of relationships. You have to keep working each day to win your wife’s heart – to keep your knight status in her eyes. Here are some great ideas on how to win your wife’s heart.

How to Win Your Wife's Heart

Know How to Listen

I’ve found in my relationship with Carlie that there’s a difference between listening and listening. When something’s really on her mind and she needs to talk, my mind can’t be on the game, what’s going on at work or what I need to get done once the kids are in bed. I have to be fully immersed in our conversation. And believe me, there is no fooling her. I make a point of letting her talk and offering enough feedback to let her know that our talk is important to me (without taking over the discussion.)

Don’t Try to Fix Everything

This one has taken me a long time to get. As a guy, we want to fix things. It’s hard to see her hurting or frustrated. As much as that may seem the thing to do, sometimes she just needs me to support her; to listen to her vent or rant about what’s making her upset without trying to fix it. Rather than offering solutions all the time, just listening and letting her know that you hear her and support her is often what she needs.

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