Human Trafficking: The West's New Slave Trade

It was the middle of the night, and I was sitting in the back seat of a dark SUV moving along the taxi lane in downtown Mexico City, Mexico. A car with guards went in front of us and another followed us. In addition, a long line of cars drove very slowly ahead and behind our vehicles to give the men time to choose a girl from the dozens of young girls lining the streets. That was the first time that I saw "up close and personal" the human face of the evil that we call "sex trafficking." My heart broke that night as I saw the tragic faces of very young teenagers who were offering themselves as sex slaves for a few minutes or a few hours. One of our guards was so stunned that he cried out over the walkie-talkies in a choked voice, "Those girls are as young as my daughter." Things got very quiet after that; nobody had anything to say.

What we witnessed that night is part of the industry that former President Bush called "modern-day slavery." It is rampant and growing.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Most people are stunned into silence when confronted with such terrible evil, especially when they learn that the victims are often young children or naive tweens. But after the initial shock, decent and compassionate people become outraged.

The criminals and traffickers hold little girls hostage. They lurk in the night shadows, ready to stop any girl who attempts to escape or to divert unwanted eyes from seeing these criminal transactions, which one researcher described as "hidden in plain sight."

But sadly, many people are unaware this evil happens throughout the United States, England, and other so-called "rich" nations; they think it is a problem only in countries like Cambodia, India, or Thailand. But the wealthy nations' willingness to pay for various sexual perversions helps drive illicit activity beyond their borders. It has also brought this evil to their own shores.

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