Humility: How Quickly We Forget

No one accomplishes anything apart from the express will and plan of God. We seldom think of God having that amount of reach and power into our personal lives. This is why we forget the importance of humility – we think we can take care of ourselves. In reality, such a notion is stupidity in action. Ruth Younts, in her book, Get Wisdom! defines humility this way:

"Humility is knowing that everything good in me comes from God alone, and is not for my benefit first, but serving God and others. I shouldn't put myself first."

This is why your children are born hating humility. Their only desire is to put themselves first. This is why adults hate humility. We are prone to think there is a lot about us to like.

But there is a problem with our reasoning. Jesus Christ is the model for humility. Ruth goes on to say, "Jesus humbled himself by becoming a man, born as a baby. Apart from God's gifts, you are as helpless as a newborn baby. You have nothing to be proud of except God."

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