The Hummingbird: God's Tiny Miracle

Throughout North and South America lives one of God's most amazing creatures, the hummingbird. I like to call it "God's tiny miracle." There are more than 300 species of this beautiful minute bird, with its iridescent plumage. Hummingbirds range in size from the tiny bee hummingbird, which is only about the length of an adult's little finger, to the giant hummingbird, which may reach 22 centimetres (8.5 inches) — the width of a magazine page. There are nine species in North America.

Most North Americans are familiar with either the ruby-throated hummingbird, east of the Rocky Mountains, or the rufous hummingbird, west of the Rockies.

Probably the best-known characteristics of the hummingbird are its extremely rapid wing-beat (50-80 beats per second) and its amazing ability to manoeuvre. It can hover, it can fly backwards and sideways, and it can fly at speeds of more than 90 kilometres an hour (55 miles per hour). In a courtship dive it can reach 100 kilometres an hour (60 miles an hour), swooping down and back again in a U-shaped dive. (This bird's a real show-off!)

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