Hundreds Offer to Save Down Syndrome Baby from Abortion

savebabylifemainThis past week began like most others for Rev. Thomas Vander Woude at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Va. -- Sunday mass, confession, and prayer with parish members -- but it ended with an amazing testimony to the value of life. On Sunday evening at his high-ceilinged church flanked by stained glass windows, Vander Woude spoke with a couple from his parish who, themselves seeking to adopt, had heard about a compelling plea from their adoption agency. Another couple in another state was carrying an unborn Down syndrome baby. The birth parents told the out-of-state adoption agency that if it couldn't find their child another home in just a few days, they would abort the baby.

The story struck Vander Woude -- a humble man just under 6 feet -- with urgency, but he thought, "We're out of state, there is nothing we can really do to help." Despite his initial doubt, he handed the matter over to Geraldine Erickson, another member in his parish who oversees the church's email account and social media pages, hoping it would have some effect. She immediately responded, "Oh, I'll put it on Facebook," he remembers with a chuckle.

Neither Vander Woude nor Erickson could predict the response.

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