I Married A Winner

marriedawinnerHow can a man learn to love when he feels like a loser?

That's what I heard my husband mutter to himself after we left their house. After we left the home of these dear friends who'd been struggling in their marriage.

But his sympathy somewhat surprised me. I suppose I'd taken the wife's "side" as the husband had done a number of irritating and inconsiderate things. He was the one to blame as far as I was concerned.

So that seemed a strange question for my husband to ask and it made me pause.

A loser? The man we were talking about had a good job. A nice car. Three precious children. And an attractive, talented wife.

No, this guy was no loser.

Ahem ... Honey? Help me understand here.

He explained. And it certainly gave me something to think about.

A man feels "successful" when he knows his woman is behind him -- no matter what his other accomplishments may be. He needs to know that she believes in him. That she thinks he’s a terrific husband (not perfect -- just terrific). A first-rate guy. And, if there are children, that he's a fine dad too. That she thinks the world of him, even though he might mess up or make mistakes.

So then I stared at my own husband. I looked at him for a good, long time. Wondering.

Does my man feel successful?

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