I Want That

iwantthatmainMy wife and I sat across our large kitchen table from a bright, young newlywed couple several months ago. They had asked us to do their pre-marital counseling many months before and we wanted to sit down with them after their first three months of marital bliss to ask them how things were going.

"We want what you guys have," said the young man. "You guys seem to have it all together. You have a great home, great kids and a great relationship."

Boy, did we have them fooled. I certainly understood where this young man's question came from. When we were newlyweds, there were many couples that we wanted to try to emulate. We valued their parenting skills, their walks with God and their relationship with one another.

"We finally arrived," I thought quietly to myself while a little smirk appeared on my face.

My wife and I just had a conversation a few months prior to our meeting that night discussing the fact that we felt as though we had arrived at the place we had talked about for so many years. We both were working jobs that we enjoyed and felt called to. Our kids had grown to a place where they were getting themselves dressed in the morning, and participating in chores around the house. We were making a decent living and were able to do things like go on vacations and save money instead of living paycheck to paycheck. We were real live adults!

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