If I Love My Children, Why Do I Get Angry?

angryparentmain"Jeremy, would you please not get so loud."

"Sorry, Mom, I was just playing with Caitlyn."

"Well, you can play quietly, and be considerate of others like the Bible says."

"But, Mom, you told me I need to play with Caitlyn more, and we were having fun."

"Jeremy, don't argue with me and make this my fault."

"But Mom..."

"Jeremy, that's enough! You always do this. You just can't accept direction. You did the same thing this morning. I am tired and I need you to be quiet, like I told you. Do you understand?!"

At this point three-year-old Caitlyn starts to cry.

"Now you have made Caitlyn cry! Can't I ever get any time to think? I hope you're happy now. Bring Caitlyn to me! I have to do everything myself."

"But Mom, I was just trying to help..."


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