Immeasurably More

immeasureablymoremainEver have a bad day as a parent; or maybe a bad month or a bad year? Ever feel overwhelmed with discouragement? This happens sometimes.

I look back now at some of the huge failures that I had being a father. Through the gracious words of my wife or the disappointment or hurt in my children's eyes I would feel the weight and the wreckage of trying to do things my way. I remember the times of demanding respect because I thought it was due me. I remember thinking that I was right so nothing else mattered. I remember and weep at how I failed my kids, my wife and my God. I remember thinking that there was no reason for encouragement.

But God, in mercy, was faithful to me in spite of my sin and failure. I remember reading James 3:17 one night and it seemed like it was the first time I had ever read that verse. God made me see that my sins would not keep me from his goodness. The words "open to reason" contained in that description of wisdom from above hit me with astounding force. Even though I had taught about parenting for years I had missed this key component.

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