In a "Rut?" Here's Help to Get Out!

inarutmainIn January 2010, I flew into Minneapolis to speak in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Fergus Falls is a long drive from Minneapolis and, to make matters worse, I was making this trip right after a significant snowstorm! I know what you're thinking, "Surprise, Surprise, snowstorm in Minnesota in January!"

Anyway, I started driving and quickly found out that only one lane of the interstate was navigable. There were deep ruts formed in the snow, so I knew that as long as I stayed in the ruts I'd be okay. About an hour into the drive a thought came to mind, If I set the cruise control maybe I could let go of the steering wheel, set my alarm and take a nap. OKay, okay ... bad idea. I quickly dismissed that thought, even though a quick nap sounded so good.

As I continued driving, I noticed lots of cars had gone off the road and into the ditch. That usually happens when a driver loses control trying to turn out of the rut and begins to slide. It can be difficult getting out of the ruts.

Reflecting on the situation, I began to think about how this is similar to something that happens to many Christians. Many are in a spiritual rut! They even settle into their rut, put their spiritual life on "cruise control" and maybe even take a nap (remember I said that was a very bad idea -- and it is, both for driving and in our spiritual lives).

What do I mean by "cruise control" or a "napping" spiritual life? I'm talking about those who aren't actively growing in their faith and aren't sharing their faith with others. When it comes to walking out into the world, opening their mouths and sharing what the Lord is doing in their lives, they just aren't doing it ... they're asleep at the wheel.

I don't say this to condemn anyone. Remember, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ (Romans 8:1). But we should all want to serve Him fully. I'm just a fellow pilgrim on this journey of life and when I fall into a rut, I need my brothers and sisters in Christ to challenge me to get out. So today I challenge you.

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