In Praise Of The Family Road Trip

Last summer, our family did the unthinkable: We drove 3400 miles round trip from New Mexico to Florida, and back, with all 8 of us (including 6 boys ages 1 to 12) in one SUV. We survived to tell about it, and quite frankly ... loved proving to ourselves that we weren't completely insane. This year, we are reprising the unthinkable and throwing a trip up to Georgia and back through the midwest in the mix. Let's face it: Flying is expensive but not impossible. Going that far for that long in one car together as a family has to be intentional. You have to choose that kind of crazy. Amen?

Here are some of our favorite reasons for road-tripping:

1. Extended Time Together to Talk

There is really nothing like the hours upon hours of being in a car together, to draw out conversation ... if you allow for it. Turn off personal devices and work through some fun questions together!

Time To Learn Something New

Road trips are a great opportunity to learn things you think you don't have time for:

  • a new language via CDs from the local library!
  • crochet or knit
  • memory verses
  • to listen to podcasts, interviews, and audio books

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