How Involved Is God in the Details of Your Life?

Why does God give us more details about Joseph's life than any other individual in Genesis? Genesis has an interesting structure. It zooms over the creation account like a rocket (about 3% of the book), soars over the millennia between Adam and Abraham like a jet (about 15% — dropping speed and altitude over Noah), and cruises over Abraham (21%), Isaac (8%), and Jacob (23%) like a helicopter, hovering here and there. Then it sort of drives down the road of Joseph's life, devoting to it nearly 30% of its content.

God is always intentional in his proportionality. More does not necessarily equal more important in God's word economy. The epistle to the Ephesians is much shorter than the narrative of Joseph's life, but it is not less important. However, more does imply take note. There are crucial things God wants us to see.

God has many reasons to drive us through Joseph's life, some more obvious than others. Let's look at one perhaps lesser obvious reason.

Sightings of Sovereignty in the Life of Joseph

On this drive, if we're paying attention to the scenery out the windows, we see a startling and unnerving level of God’s providential involvement in the details of Joseph's life. Here are some of the scenes (warning: some of these scenes you may find disturbing).

  • Joseph's place in the Patriarchal birth order was part of God's plan (Genesis 30:22–24).
  • This means Rachel's agonizing struggle with infertility was part of God's plan (Genesis 30:1–2).

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