iPledge: Success!

Last night, more than 2,000 churches and home groups from all fifty states tuned in to watch iPledge Sunday: "A Call to Faith, Family and Freedom." The special simulcast church service was held at the First Baptist Church of Charlotte and featured former Senator Rick Santorum, actor and producer Kirk Cameron, Bishop Harry Jackson, New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, Kristan Hawkins, Rick Scarborough, Shirley Dobson and video messages from Franklin Graham, James Robison, and Star Parker. Each of the speakers addressed the critical issues facing our nation--economic turmoil, the sanctity of human life, the redefinition of marriage, and growing hostility to religious expression. Everyone at the podium touched on this common theme: the usual political solutions will not solve the problems our nation faces which are spiritual at their core.

Christians must understand the connection between our faith and our freedom. If they did, we would not so easily cast biblical principles aside when choosing our leaders, enacting legislation, or educating our children. The message of iPledge Sunday is clearly stirring the hearts of Bible-believing Christians as thousands are responding by going to iPledge2Vote.org and taking the pledge to pray for the election, prepare by registering themselves and others to vote, and participate by voting their biblical values on November 6th. Churches are already making plans to hold voter registration drives in the coming weeks using our iPledge Sunday voter tool kits.

I want to extend a special thanks to First Baptist Church of Charlotte, Dr. Mark Harris, the American Family Association, each speaker, and the FRC team for making iPledge Sunday possible. If you missed the simulcast, you can watch the archive on Tuesday by visiting iPledgeSunday.org--and don't forget to sign the pledge by going to www.ipledge2vote.org.

Watch the program at iPledge Sunday 2012