iPledge Sunday

This Call to Faith, Family, and Freedom Simulcast will gather Christians across the country on Sunday, September 9, 2012 for a nationwide, live simulcast co-hosted by Family Research Council and American Family Association. The event features Tony Perkins, Senator Rick Santorum, Bishop Harry Jackson, Kirk Cameron and other key Christian leaders for a 90-minute event celebrating Christian citizenship and exhorting Christians to rise up on Election Day to make our voices heard. Church members will be informed, equipped, and challenged to advance faith, family and freedom in your local community.

iPledge Sunday will be the largest nationwide pre-election gathering of Christian voters. The goal is to mobilize Christians across our land to pledge to:

* Pray for the upcoming election. * Prepare by registering themselves and others. * Participate by voting on November 6.

Speakers will address the major issues we face as a nation -- religious liberty, life, marriage, and the economy. Never in our history has there been a greater need for engaged, informed Christian citizens to stand up for faith, family and freedom. Action plans and resources from Family Research Council will make it easy for your church to become a simulcast host site.

For more information see iPledge Sunday