Is Parenting Threatening Your Marriage?

I have a bit of a reputation in our family for running out of gas. I read an article once that said gas pumps have more germs than a toilet seat. I don't know how many germs that is, but it's enough for me not to want to touch either one too often. So maybe it's that. Or maybe it's the time it takes to slowdown, stop, and fill up. Whatever it is, I don't enjoy stopping for gas – which is why I run out of gas so often. Some experts say you can drive your car at least 40 miles after your gas light comes on. In my "research," I would say that is fairly accurate – some cars more, and others, less. Normal people pull over long before the light comes on and refuel. Not me.

Let's be honest, parenting is a gas-guzzler. Moving from married to married with kids requires a lot more energy. One of the biggest reasons we often run on empty is because of self-neglect. Good parents are selfless parents. When kids come along, it is easy to get into a pattern of self-sacrifice and self-neglect that can ultimately lead to spouse-neglect. We often neglect, or set aside what we want and need for the sake of our children.

We can say goodbye to hobbies or interests we once enjoyed.

We sacrifice sleep.

Stop excercising.

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