Is Scripture-Quoting a Sign that You’re Nuts?

quotescripturemainCurrently in the theaters is the movie, Safe Haven, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. In the book, the bad guy goes around quoting Scripture.

Is quoting Bible verses indicative of a mental imbalance? To some of our cultural elites it would seem so.

By way of full disclosure, I have neither read the book nor seen the movie. (Nor do I want to vote with my money by buying a ticket for it, saying, "Yes, Hollywood, make more Christian-bashing movies.") However, my wife read the book and said it's a great story about an abused wife, fleeing from her mentally imbalanced Scripture-quoting, husband, who is a bullying cop. I have no idea if the movie has mollified the anti-Christian aspect of the novel; hopefully, it has.

My wife said, "It's such a good story. Why should the horrible husband quote the Bible and base his irrational behavior on what he believes it to say. I'm so upset."

Why is the bad guy -- in many a movie and TV show -- quoting the Bible? Put it this way, in the vast majority of cases when a character quotes from the Scriptures, is that a cue that he or she is a good character or a bad one, or even just comic relief?

I remember on Sanford and Sons from the 1970s a crazy aunt who would tote her Bible around and quote different verses, like, "The truth shall set you free!" She was a whack job.

Do you know anyone like that personally?

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