Is Social Media A Silent Marriage Killer?

I will be turning 30 this December. This is a milestone birthday for me and one that I have always looked forward to having. As I was thinking about my life up to this point, I thought about many things...

One thing that stood out to me was that a very large portion of my life has been spent in front of a screen. Whether a television, computer or phone, this digital age of technology has been a huge part of my life.

I experienced the transition from low technology use to extremely accessible and widely accepted technology use. The internet has been revolutionary and with each passing year there is a new phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

I began using computers in elementary school and by junior high I remember waiting for AOL to dial up. I remember the transition from researching tangible library books and using small cards organized alphabetically to find them, to researching online for my school projects. I remember using a pay phone after volleyball practice and leaving a message on the home answering machine.

Today, children are getting cell phones as young as age 6.

I didn't get a phone until I was 17 and had a steady job to pay for it. The progression of using personal technology grew from there. Later on, toward the end of high school I got my own laptop. That is also when Myspace and eventually Facebook were introduced.

Today, 74% of adults online are using social media sites such as Facebook. And 52% use two or more social sites.

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