Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster? Part 2

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Chris got into a lot of trouble yesterday and he wants you to help him figure out why. It all started as he woke up, got dressed, drove down Pennsylvania Avenue and parked in a spot with a sign that said: "Reserved for the President of the United States."

Then he walked into the White House and headed straight into the Oval Office. He took off his shoes, loosened his tie and walked behind a big beautiful desk that had a nameplate which read, "Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States."

He noticed that the mail server was left open on the computer monitor and he began to read many interesting emails from Senators, Congressmen, and foreign Heads of State. It was really fun responding to those emails. However, he kept getting interrupted by the continuous ringing of the president's phone. He answered some of the calls, penciled in several appointments on the huge desk calendar, and agreed to sign several important pieces of legislation. While he was at it, he vetoed several pieces of legislation that were on the desk and signed others into law.

That's when the Secret Service came storming in and seemed really upset at him. He doesn't understand why! He did exactly what President Obama would do. "Aren't we both human beings?" he asked. "Why is it okay when Obama does it and not when I do it?" he asked the arresting officer. "I think it's wrong that I should be punished for doing something that someone else can do without getting in trouble!" he argued with the judge.

What's wrong with Chris' rationale? Why is his argument wrong? Why can't he go into Obama's office and answer the president's calls or respond to his emails, or perform other presidential responsibilities?

We all understand that the President of the United States has the authority to do many things that we cannot do. Because of the President's role as the Commander in Chief, his responsibilities are far greater than those of any ordinary citizen. What Chris fails to understand is that responsibilities are dependent on roles. Although the President and Chris are both human beings -- they have different roles. Obviously, the responsibilities that accompany their roles are also quite different. Nobody would disagree that there are certain things the President can do that are not considered wrong, but would definitely be wrong if we did them.

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