Is Your Life Too Messy for God?

"Plan on getting dirty" were the first words the instructor said at the start of my pottery lessons. And, oh girl, she was right. I was filthy!

I had clay up to my elbows and dirt on my jeans.

But, I loved it!

Getting my hands in the clay, kneading it, and throwing it while I kicked the wheel was one of the most fun and meaningful experiences I've ever had. And, the result from all that dirt? Beautiful, useful pottery that I enjoy and am proud of.

But, what if I had avoided getting dirty?

What if all I saw was ugly, muddy clay in its present form instead of seeing its potential?

A potter doesn't look at clay and say, "Uck! That's ugly and way too dirty for me to touch!"

If that were the attitude of the potter, the clay would never reach its potential. What if the potter said, "Man, I can't stand to look at that mound of dirt? I only like lovely, attractive things. So, I'll avoid that nasty mess and wait for something pretty to come along."

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