iSad: There's No App for That

Life is tough ... and it seems to be getting more and more difficult every day. If it's not tough at this moment for you, I'm sure you know that it will be soon. One of life's challenges is likely not far off. So we must all ask, are we prepared to face life in a fallen and broken world. I think everyone would agree that the world in which we live is disheartening and discouraging in many ways. We see a growing numbers of people moving farther and farther away from God and we hear news reports filled with the devastating consequences of sin.

We now live in a time that should be called the "screen" generation. Everyone is "on" a screen of some sort. We learn from, and are entertained by, theater, TV, computer, tablet or phone screens. While these "screens" are able to deliver that which is godly and beneficial, they also offer sinful and destructive content with images showcasing the seductions of worldly lust and the sins of fleshly desires. What we see and hear on these screens enters our minds and influences both our thinking and living.

Whether we like it or not, screens are the new way to connect with friends and family. It true that we've never been more connected, but, at the same time, we've never been less connected. Phone calls that offered personal interaction have been replaced by text messages ... the shorter the better. And FaceBook has turned the personal diary or journal into a public platform for every thought, word and activity. It’s amazing what can be learned by reading someone's FaceBook page. It's a window to the soul that, in some cases, reveals more than should be told.

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