Isn't the God of the Old Testament Harsh, Brutal, and Downright Evil?

Have you ever heard questions such as these:

  • How could God kill all the innocent people, even children, in the Flood?
  • Why would God send Joshua and the Israelites into Canaan to exterminate the innocent Canaanites living in the land?
  • Do you really believe a loving God would send people to an eternal hell?

This view of God is commonly referred to in the secular media, atheistic books, and so on. There is a common claim that the God of the Old Testament (even in the New Testament) seems very harsh, brutal, and even evil.

An initial response to this claim can simply be, "How can the atheist or non-Christian say God is harsh, brutal, and evil when they deny the Bible, the very book that defines harsh, brutal, and evil?" Even further, in atheistic, materialistic, and evolutionary worldviews, such things are neither right nor wrong because there is no God in their view to establish what is right or wrong. The same people who profess to believe in a naturalistic view where animals rape, murder, and eat their own kind are those who attack the loving God of the Bible and try to call Him evil (Isaiah 5:20).

But a closer look at such claims against the God of the Bible shows that these claims have no merit. Claiming that God is evil or harsh is an attack on God's character, and every Christian should be prepared to have an answer for such attacks (1 Peter 3:15).

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