It Takes Two to Make a Marriage Work, Doesn't It?

takestwomainIt takes two to make a marriage work, doesn't it?

Yes, and no -- but mostly yes. Let me explain.

This afternoon Michael and I got to talking about the yard. Our deck is wonderful, but to tell you the truth it's a little bit squishy. Since we put a dining table and chairs out there, we haven't had room for the patio furniture, like the orange lounge chair that I love to sink into on warm afternoons.

Everything is pushed tightly together and it's a little uncomfortable to sit out there with friends.

And so we've decided to build a second level at the bottom of the stairs. Nothing too fancy -- just a little deck space to set up our table and chairs.

When I say that "we" decided to build it, I was kind of hoping that Michael would take on the project himself. He's a great carpenter who did a marvelous job on our wooden sidewalk.

But Michael has a different plan in mind--he wants us to build it together.

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