It's Time for a National Family Meeting

America is in serious trouble. I know you feel the same way because the moms and dads I meet in churches across our country tell me that they're concerned about their children's future. Most of them then ask me the same question: "What can we do?"

I was sick of not knowing how to respond, so I set out to find the answer. I met with the smartest, most insightful, faithful people I know. I asked each of them the same question so many people have asked me....and their answers filled me with hope.

The things they said gave me new perspective. They refreshed my spirit and revived my heart to such a degree that I was able to come home and revive my own family.

But I knew I couldn't keep this to myself. These answers had to be shared-but not through the mainstream media, which seems to jump at every chance they get to censor messages of hope rooted in faith.

So instead I've decided to call for a national family meeting, It's called REVIVE US and it'll be live in nearly a thousand movie theaters across the country on October 18th. Think of it like the biggest tent revival in history-a night filled with prayer, music, worship...and answers.

Guests like pastor Francis Chan, Dr. Ben Carson, pastor James MacDonald, Eric Metaxas, Jennifer Rothschild, Passion Band, and Vertical Church Band will all be there, and we'll also have time for a national town hall where we can take your questions.

I need you to join us because you're part of our family of faith. So gather the kids, parents, and grandparents, and tell your friends and neighbors. The whole Family is coming to pray, to worship, and to learn how to transform this nation from the inside out and the bottom up.

Cause when our Family gets together-and the Spirit of God is moving-WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

REVIVE US (LIVE): OCTOBER 18 Select Theaters Nationwide

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