I've Got Moves

I only had 30 minutes between flights. That's a pretty tight layover even when you're seated in the first row of the plane and able to get off first. It's tight even if you can see and run like a sprinter through an airport. But, when you're blind, have to wait for airport assistance and are stuck in the back of the plane ... well ... 30 minutes is almost impossible. So, as we taxied in, I knew there was only a small chance I would make my next flight. I signaled the flight attendant and told her my situation and asked, "I know it's your policy for those needing assistance to get off the plane last, but can you walk me out as soon as we land so I can make my next flight?"

She told me she would if she could but she had to stay on the plane. The lady seated next to me overheard and said, "I'd be happy to walk you off the plane if that would help."

I thanked her and told her that someone from the airport would be there to whisk me off to my next gate.

The seat belt signal dinged, a series of unfastening clicking filled the plane, and my seat buddy and I sprung from our seats and headed for the door.

We made it out to the jet bridge but there was no one to take me to my gate. An airline representative saw me and reassured me the airport staff member as on his way.

One minute, two minutes.

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