Jessica's Decision

Fifteen-year old Jessica is a good student and popular with teachers and students. One day a teacher notices that Jessica seems down. She asks Jessica if she can help and Jessica shrugs her shoulders and walks off. Later in the day, this same teacher again sees that Jessica is still down. She puts her arm around her and walks with her to one of Jessica's favorite teachers, a guidance counselor who also happens to teach the health class on sexuality. Together, they ask Jessica why she is so down.

Jessica opens up.

She tells the teachers that she thinks she is ready to have sex with her boyfriend. She tells the teachers that she and her boyfriend both went through the class on sexuality – last year for him and this year for her. She said that she is discouraged because both her mother and her father think it is a bad idea. She said her mom has recently started going to some church and is really against her having sex before marriage.

Both teachers tell Jessica that they think she should listen to her parents and that it is a good idea to wait at least for awhile. Jessica says she has thought a lot about having sex and she is sure she is ready. Most of her friends are sexually active and between the class on sexuality at school and doing research at the government's website, she feels ready to take responsibility for her actions. She tells the teachers that she and her boyfriend will use protection and that she has just bought the Plan B pill as extra insurance to make sure she does not get pregnant. She is convinced that this is her decision to make and not her mom's. Her boyfriend's parents will support whatever she and their son decide.

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