Jesus As the True and Perfect Man

Men are experiencing an identity crisis. And we're short on role models. We're caught between Don Draper as the alpha male and a whole crew of omega males like Judd Apatow. One tries to express masculinity through power, possessions, and promiscuity. The other group has stopped trying altogether. Unlike us, these other guys seem to be getting something out of their isolation and discontentment, their rebellion, and their lack of discipline. We're stuck with pain and hardship.

We need a more compelling vision for masculinity. We need to see a man so utterly rooted and secure in his identity that he can actually embody masculinity for us. A man with no crisis of identity, pursuing his calling with passion and persistence. A man whose masculinity is not vain and self-serving.

We need to look to Jesus, the true and perfect Man.

Content and Coachable

Contentment propelled Jesus. Before his incarnation, he had all that anyone could possibly imagine. Yet he relinquished everything for our sake, entering into a world of hardship, limitation, suffering, and death. His contentment didn't come from his circumstances or location, but from his ongoing, eternal relationship with the Father. Before Jesus entered into public ministry, preached a single sermon, performed any miracles, or healed anyone, the Father spoke these words: 'This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased' (Matthew 3:17).

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