Jesus Is Turning Your Shame into a Showcase of His Grace

shameglorymainYou know that part of you that you really want others not to see -- that stubborn weakness, humiliating failure, embarrassing illness, horrible past event, or present struggle with sin? There's very good news for you in the story of the woman with a hemorrhage in Luke 8.


Jesus was now a reluctant celebrity. And a crowd was teeming around him as he made his way toward Jairus's home to heal the synagogue ruler's twelve-year-old daughter.

In the crowd was a desperate woman. For twelve years she had suffered from a vaginal hemorrhage. All the medical treatments she sought had bled her savings. Nothing had helped.

But she had seen Jesus' healing power. When he touched people they were healed. If he could just touch her...

However, she had a problem. Her problem was the problem. Everyone who came to Jesus for healing had to tell him -- and thus everyone else -- what his or her problem was. Jairus had just done that. But a vaginal discharge? In front of all those men? Even worse, her bleeding made her unclean, which added a deeper shame to her embarrassment.

But maybe Jesus didn't need to know that he touched her at all. What if she touched him? With that mass of people all trying to get close to him, she could just quickly touch his cloak. Nobody would ever know!

She pushed and jostled her way toward the Rabbi. The closer she got the greater the knot in her stomach. His disciples were trying to keep people from grabbing him. Her desperation fueled her determination. Suddenly there was an opening and she quickly bent down and swept her hand along the edge of Jesus’s cloak.

As she straightened up and stepped back she felt a flash of heat through her abdomen. She knew instantly she was healed. A flash of shocked joy washed over her.

For about five seconds.

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