Jesus Is Not Your Sin-Manager

What comes to mind when you think of the word "financial debt?" College loans? Low-budget TV commercials? Interminable stress and prolonged discouragement? These are all possible, and understandable, responses. Here's another one: Jesus Christ.

Jesus Came to Crush Our Debt

What do I mean by this rather odd statement? To begin with, on the cross Jesus paid for all of our sin. We were terribly, tremendously in the wrong before a holy God. We all heaped up an unpayable amount of sin. You think $100,000 is a large amount of debt? Try offending an infinite God.

This is why the cross is so precious to us: there was no spiritual bankruptcy to declare. There was no bank loan that could rescue us from moral insolvency. We were cooked. In fact, we were going the opposite way, accruing more and more sin, day by day. This is where all humanity stands: in a righteousness crisis without any hope of payment.

Except for Jesus.

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