Joseph Had the Means and Opportunity

When young Joseph was confronted with a willing and eager temptress, he had the means and the opportunity to sin, but not the motivation. His love of God and his honor protected him. The love of God and his word planted deeply in the heart is only protection that can be fully trusted to yield godly motivation!

Teenagers face powerful temptations. Parents want to make sure that consequences are in place to help protect their children. It is good to put deterrents in place for behavior that is unacceptable and sinful. But, for your teenager, it comes down to that moment of decision: Will the consequence make a difference?

For example, Kevin, a young teenage boy has an opportunity to be alone with Tiffany, a girl with a reputation for being sexually active. If he thinks that he might get caught and his parents will find out, or that he might get a sexually-transmitted disease, he might decide not to be with her. However, suppose she entices him into thinking that no one will find out (see Proverbs 7), they can have safe sex, and that a little fun never hurt anyone. Then, the fear of the consequence fades against the power of the temptation.

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