Joy and Obedience

Obedience is not something to use to gain a reward. Rather, obedience itself is a reward, a great privilege, honor and joy. Just as I cannot make myself more acceptable to God by my obedience, neither do I want my children to think that I will be more accepting of them because of their obedience.

"Excuse me! Would you mind saying that again?"

Sure. Your children must not think that you will be more accepting of them if they obey you.

I know, saying it like this seems awkward. So much of your life is about training and teaching God's truth. But the truth is that one's own obedience does not make him acceptable to God. The last thing that I want is to stand before God at the end of the day and ask God to accept me based on how well I obeyed that day! My only hope of acceptance is the sacrificial obedience of Christ on my behalf.

Yet, our children are often evaluated and accepted, at least in the moment, based on how well they obeyed our direction. Parent, you can't have it both ways. If your obedience cannot secure acceptance with God, then neither can your children's obedience be the basis of your acceptance of them.

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