Jungle Doctors

Holly Dublin's observations took a sharply unexpected turn. For more than a year, the World Wildlife Fund researcher had tracked the movements of a pregnant African elephant. During that time, the animal lived a fairly predictable life: a few miles' journey with the herd each day to graze on the usual 500 pounds (227 kg) of leaves and herbs. But then, around the end of her pregnancy, the animal broke the routine and trekked 17 miles (27 km) across East Africa in a single day. Much to Dublin's surprise, the elephant suddenly had a taste for a tree in the Boraginaceae family -- so much so, in fact, that the elephant ate all of it ... leaves, trunk, everything.

So, why would an elephant with plenty of food available make a long journey to track down a particular tree? The answer reveals something amazing about God's care for His creation -- and us -- even in a world that’s groaning because of sin.

Consider the Ravens

Most of us humans are well armed when it comes to dealing with minor sicknesses. Our closets and cabinets overflow with pain relievers, fever fighters, cough quellers, and stomach soothers. We reach in, swallow the right pill, and expect relief soon.

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