Just Because You're Right ... Doesn't Mean You're not Destroying Your Marriage

We love being “right” don’t we? In the midst of an intense discussion (argument!) about something, we feel the surge of adrenaline when besting the other person. Who doesn’t love winning? Hey, the facts were on my side.

Aren’t they always?

And then, there’s marriage – where the consequences of how that argument went down and our “rightness” have an immediate (negative) impact on just about everything.

Do you truly care about the truth of what you were discussing with your husband or wife . . . or is it really about winning – about being the victor, again? Are you sure pressing your advantage wasn’t more about pride than what was best for your relationship? You don’t have to guess. In Proverbs 13:10 says, contention comes from pride.

You’re not experiencing contention with your souse because ‘truth’ is on the line. It’s happening because you are both prideful.

Being right and being prideful are often two ends of the same stick we use to bludgeon our way to winning. The “truth” can be very deceiving as we convince ourselves it’s the most vital element in any argument. But, it’s important to be correct, isn’t it? Yes, it is. But when it comes to disagreements in marriage, there is something that trumps truth and arguing your spouse into the corner.

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