Your Kids and Social Media

The world of cyberspace offers tempting delusions. Social media holds both great promise and great peril. It appears to be personal and private, while being impersonal and dangerously public. It offers personal expression which often leads to personal exploitation. This world of virtual communication touts the latest in technological marvels, but it is often driven by millennia old curiosity, lust and gossip. As you are mostly likely reading this post electronically, I obviously believe that social media also has the capacity to do much good. Electronic social media is bound by the same realities that have always governed human communication. If you commit anything to media, whether paper or electronic, it is never private. Private letters, such as Sigmund Freud's to his fiancee, written during their four-year "secret" engagement, speaking of the virtues of cocaine in love-making, are now quite public. The same is true for the errant email which somehow ends up posted on blogs, Instagram, and Facebook. A picture taken privately in "fun" can quickly be found floating on computers and phones virtually anywhere. Whether it is a friend sneaking a look at your smart phone or the NSA monitoring cellular communication, nothing is really private.

This is the important truth to communicate to your kids about the world of modern social media. Nothing is really private.

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