Kids and Technology (Finding the Balance)

Can I play Minecraft on the iPad? Lydia wants to know if she can do Starfall on your computer?

Can we play Wii for 15 minutes?

Can I text Anna back because she asked a question?

After dinner, can we watch a show tonight?

David asked if I can follow him on Instagram?

My nightmare. Well, one of them anyway.

There are times when I'd love to just get rid of it all. There's a reason I returned the iPhone my husband bought me a couple of years ago. I have a definite love-hate relationship with technology and all things screen-ish. And yes, I get the irony of sharing this in a post as I type away staring at a screen. My tendency would be to bury my head in the sand and just wish it'd all go away.

But — there has to be a balance — right?

And that' s part of our job — To help our children find the balance and to help them learn how to keep it. To help them learn to use technology and all things media for the glory of God.

First We Must Look at Avoiding the Dangers and Negative Impacts of Technology

1. Overuse

There's a definite tendency for overuse. And that's a real possibility for all of us. Screen attachment can become a borderline addiction (or real for some) and we must set limits when it comes to using technology and screen time. The balance will be different for every family and should be age appropriate.

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