Killing the Marriage of Your Dreams

dreammarriagemainI'm an introvert. I'm such an introvert that I chose a career where I spend most of my day, sitting alone, reading books written by people who have been dead for 200 years. Seriously, when I say I am an introvert, I really mean it.

Because I'm an introvert, being around people drains my energy, which causes a problem because everyone wears me out—including my wife. I teach living breathing human beings, which is another challenge. I reenergize by getting away from people, which is nice because I'm alone most of the day. (See paragraph #1.)

When we first married, though, I didn't quite understand that about myself. In fact, I thought that, since I like being around people and being the life of the party, that I was an extrovert.

I found out better when I got married.

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