What Kind of Family Are You Raising?

Surely you remember the biblical story of the esteemed Eliakim, don't you? No?

Well, then, what about Abiud? Has ever a biblical figure stood more inspirationally in the pages of Scripture than Abiud?

You haven't heard of him either?

Well, what about Azor, Shealtiel, Zadok, or Matthan?

At this point, you might start to feel that you don't know your Bible as well as you thought. None of these names would be recognizable to any but the most erudite of biblical scholars. All these men inhabit a "quiet" season between the reign of Josiah, when Israel was exiled to Babylon, and the coming of Christ. Matthan is the father of Jacob, who is the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, as recorded in the first chapter of Matthew.

Many of these obscure men’s predecessors seemed so significant — Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Boaz, Jesse, David, Solomon, Hezekiah — that they are "household" names within most churches, but this lot listed in Matthew chapter 1 is stunning in their anonymity, given their exalted status as direct descendants of that all-important bloodline leading to the "salvation history" birth of Jesus Christ.

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