Kirk Cameron's "Unstoppable" Faith

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (BP) -- I'm not sure I could take the slings and arrows Kirk Cameron has had to dodge or endure. Cameron is famous and talented but add devotion to your Christian walk and there's a huge target on your back. The star of the sitcom Growing Pains, the Left Behind apocalyptic series, the breakthrough faith-based drama Fireproof and the insightful documentary Monumental is paying a price for his gifts and resolve.

Although I'd already interviewed Cameron three times, during a recent phone chat concerning his newest theatrical release, Unstoppable, I believe I got to know the man, not just a filmmaker pushing a new project.

"This is the most personal project I've ever made regarding my faith," he states on the trailer for Unstoppable, a riveting documentary dealing with the age-old question, "Why does God allow bad things to happen?"

During the documentary's publicity campaign, Cameron ran into a snag one can hardly imagine in America.

Unstoppable made headlines the week tickets went on sale when two major sites labeled the film's website and video link as "spam" or "unsafe." Facebook seemed antagonistic toward either the subject of where God is in our lives or the man presenting the question. It wasn't until fan support became somewhat of an uproar that the social media outlet backed off. But during that time, foes of Cameron's message did their best to belittle him.

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