Kirk Cameron's UNSTOPPABLE Movie

Kirk Cameron's new movie UNSTOPPABLE is a fresh, creative, and compelling look into the human problem of pain, suffering, and tragedy. I encourage you to see it with your family and friends at the one night live event with Kirk, September 24. This movie is Kirk's deeply personal, honest, and gutsy journey through his own valley of sorrow. With the Bible as his guide, he takes us back to the beginning and journeys with us through the real world of failure, shame, loneliness, pain, and tragedy. He breaks silence and asks the tough "why" questions about suffering and death. His intellectual and emotional honesty is refreshing and life giving. UNSTOPPABLE will give you a new perspective of your past pain, fresh courage for present problems, and bright hope for the future.

Kirk is in touch with the pain and suffering of real life. Each summer, for the past 20 years, he and his wife, Chelsea, along with their children, personally host terminally and seriously ill children and their families. They spend a week with them in a beautiful retreat setting. It is an all-expenses-paid retreat from the pressure cooker of hospitals, tests, treatments and financial stress. The families get to spend quality time with each other and connect with other families who have similar struggles.

I don't have to look far to see Kirk's credentials for making a movie like UNSTOPPABLE. Last year my wife Sherry was diagnosed with stage three cancer. Kirk, Chelsea and their six children sprang into action. They prayed for us and with us. They served us in practical ways and walked with us through one of the deepest valleys of our lives. I have watched Kirk and his family do this many times with people I know personally. His wife is a public compliment to his life. His children are joyful, caring and spiritually dynamic. His reverence and commitment to scripture is unquestionable.

I hope you will join Sherry and me at 8:00 pm at the Century RiverPark16 in Oxnard to see this exciting movie. Pass this on to your family and friends and encourage them to see it with you. To get tickets go to