Kirk Launches Coffee Company to Benefit Families at Camp Firefly

Have you ever had such an exceptional cup of coffee that you wished you could share a second and even a third cup with those closest to you? Most of us would agree that there's almost a magical moment when the right coffee is enjoyed at the right time with the right people. It's in these moments – the ones that allow us to linger with those we love – that we're best able to slow down and truly cherish the gift of our family and friends.

Kirk's Coffee is that kind of coffee.

While many coffees are over-roasted, leaving them tasting ashy, bitter, and burnt, not Kirk's Coffee. Roasted fresh to order, using only the highest quality beans, this craft coffee has the rich flavors you and your family will love, without the harsh finish.

Nope, all coffee is not created equal – and one cup of Kirk's Coffee proves it.

SavingChristmasBundleHere's the thing, though. Kirk's Coffee is more than just a fantastic cup. It's also a way you can help terminally ill children and their families escape the pressures of medical and financial worries and rediscover the joy of laughing together.

With each bag of coffee you buy, you are contributing to Camp Firefly. Every year at Camp Firefly, Kirk Cameron and his team set up a wonderful, all-expenses-paid, fun-filled retreat for these children and their families. Here, they are able to reconnect with one another, as well as meet other families who understand the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Plus, for a limited time, you will receive a free DVD of Kirk's holiday film, Saving Christmas, a free Kirk's coffee mug, and free shipping with you purchase two pounds of the Saving Christmas blend. Find out more here.

That exceptional cup of coffee is within your reach. So give Kirk's Coffee a try today. Not only will you be brewing up the most flavorful coffee you've ever had, you'll be making a lasting difference in a family's life.