Knock-knock. Who's There?

In 1940, in the early days of World War II, England's Prime Minister Winston Churchill was faced with what seemed an inevitable invasion by the forces of Nazi Germany. He told the English people that it was their privilege to stand alone and "save Christian Civilization" from Hitler's Third Reich. They did; and their resolve prevented a land invasion of their island nation. Now, 75 years later, our culture is about to be overwhelmed by evil forces and it is our turn to stand. In this generation, Providence has chosen us to pick up the torch and continue the great cause of building the Kingdom of God. In his compelling book, America Alone, Mark Steyn documents why Western nations find themselves in such a vulnerable position. He presents demographic data revealing how Europeans are facing extinction or slavery under the shroud of Islamic domination. Because of increasingly lower birth rates among the native population, most of the nations of Europe and even much of Asia have chosen what Steyn calls "a one-way ticket on the oblivion express." The nations of Europe are at or below 1.5 births per native European woman. Islamic women in those same countries are giving birth at more than twice that rate. This will lead ultimately to the extinction of Western and Christian culture. This is a fact, and it echoes the observation of historian Arnold Toynbee: "Civilizations are not destroyed; they commit suicide."

The first command of Scripture is to "Go forth and multiply." Steyn says, "A people that won't multiply can't go forth or go anywhere. Those who do will shape the age we live in. Because, when history comes a-calling, it starts with the most basic question of all: Knock-knock. Who's there?” Within a generation, in an aging, dying Europe there will be few to answer the door except young Muslims.

How did this happen? Post-war Europe, and to some extent America, turned away from centuries of a culturally transforming Christianity which had produced the greatest freedom and prosperity in history. Instead they chose to rely on a god-like welfare state to provide healthcare, education, care of the elderly, and the forced redistribution of wealth. This mutated societal design has some fatal flaws. It depends on a religious birthrate to sustain it and upon the virtues of voluntary Christian self-government (self-rule) to maintain liberty.

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