What If This Is Your Last Christmas?

Suppose you knew that this Christmas would be your last one on earth. Would it make a difference in how you celebrated, in the gifts that you give, and in the meaning of the day? The answer, of course, would be yes. But how would it play out in your life?

Well, let's start with the likelihood of whether or not this will actually be your last Christmas. You can look at things from a statistical perspective and conclude that this will probably not be your last one. But the matter of the length of life is not determined by statistical probabilities. The time of life is set by the will and plan of God. (Psalm 139:16) The truth is that we live at God’s pleasure and purpose. This means that it is wise to consider if this will be your last Christmas.

Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Christ. We are in good company when we do. The Holy Spirit directed the Psalmist to pen Psalm 98 in anticipation of Christ's birth. The praise of the Hosts of Heaven erupted making the announcement of the Christ child. So how much of your Christmas celebration is focused on the birth of your Savior? If this were your last Christmas how much of the celebration would you want to share with other things and other themes? The reality of knowing Christ secured eternity for you would dominate your Christmas with joy and gratitude.

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