Learning From an Insane Prayer Life

insaneprayerlifemainTwo things have me thinking about my personal prayer life: "Insanity" and Elijah.

I just finished my seventh week of the max interval workout called "Insanity." Every morning around 5:45, I head to my garage, roll out my mat, turn on my computer, and proceed to "dig deeper."

My pastor friend Greg finished the program before I did, and sent me an email to instruct and inspire me, both physically and spiritually. He challenged me with this honest admission: "I wish I could pray 45 minutes a day for nine weeks straight. I'm working on that."

Me too.

While Shaun T has been teaching me about switch kicks and plank punches, Elijah has been teaching me about faith and prayer. We're currently studying 1 Kings at the church I pastor, and we are now looking at the prayer warrior Elijah.

Like Us and Not

Elijah's life is dazzling. Ravens bring him food; God uses a widow to provide daily bread for him in Baal's territory; Elijah prays and God raises the widow's son from the dead. Elijah wins the showdown against the prophets of Baal at Carmel; he called down fire from heaven; and he struck down 450 false prophets. Plus, he was an athlete! He ran seventeen miles from Carmel down to Jezreel, outrunning horses and chariots.

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