Let All the Earth Fear the Lord

God's message to the nations in Psalm 33 is a simple one: all of the earth is to fear the Lord. He is to be honored and revered because he spoke the world into existence. There was nothing and then there was the universe! That is awesome power!

So, as the psalmist looks at the activities and plans of men and nations, he knows that they are subject to God's plan and purpose. No nation can deter the plan of God. No leader can succeed against the purpose of God.

As this election season enters it final phase, this is the one reality that must not be missed. God's plans will go forward as he has purposed and man's plans will fail. Politicians promise peace and prosperity. Yet with each moment those promises are shown to be frail and false.

Presidential hopefuls can debate. People can vote in elections. Nations can attack nations. But only God’s purposes will endure. Because man's failures are not always immediately evident, government leaders claim success when there is none. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than reviewing the campaign promises of previous elections.

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